The Fuchsbau Childcare Concept

The Fuchsbau concept provides childcare from 13 months up to school entry age. It is a model of part-time or full-time care of the children by qualified nannies where experience and learning with fun and excitement are in teh foreground. Cognitive ability and relating of social experiences are encouraged according to their age through elements of experience education within the framework of a family atmosphere. 

The concept was organically developed out of the practical experience of the childcarer together with a number of other interested and similarly affected parents, and meets the needs of working parents without disregarding the development and the needs of the children. The house together with its garden provides ample space both to run around and to rest. The Biebrich Schlosspark (Palace Garden) is just around the corner and reachable in just 5 minutes with little feet. When the weather is bad there is a large games room in the house.

We provide flexible childcare during the whole week, also at weekends and public holidays if required. After an initial introduction phase, up to 5 children are cared for together in a friendly atmosphere and environment that is fun for children.

Independently of the daily children, I can offer to look after your children during the afternoon or at the weekend on an hourly basis.

So that Mum and Dad have a little time for themselves ... 
... you can also pursue your hobbies again, or simply treat yourself to a break, or you can go shopping without any stress. We will play together with your children, maybe go in the park and enjoy the afternoon. It would be good to let us know when you're coming beforehand so that we can plan what we will undertake with the children. Please look at our 'prices' page to see the times for this service. We are happy to talk about meeting your requirements outside these times.

Children's birthday party and nowhere to hold it? Talk to us!

We also accomodate children overnight here in their own special bedroom in emergency situations or when business trips take you away at short notice. Please contact us as soon as possible in such cases.