More ... about the Fuchsbau Childcare Center

Games afternoon

Whether simply the weather is bad or the time after school has to be bridged, whether parents have business or doctor's appointments, your child can play here, run around, paint or draw or we'll all go together to the Schlosspark.
We can look after your child every afternoon from Monday to Friday on an hourly basis.


Overnights are possible by prior arrangement. As you can see on the gallery pages, there is a special guest bedroom waiting for this. Whether an urgent business trip crops up or you have to do overtime towards the end of the quarter; whether an evening appointment is looming or you have to stand in for someone on the late shift; the most important thing is that your child retains its normal daily rhythm as much as possible. This means that dinner is at 18:30 and, depending on age, they will go to sleep at the usual time without being disturbed.

Please note: for medical and legal reasons we only accept children overnight who are older than 15 months.

Also if you are rushed into hospital or have to undergo rehabilitation your child can stay with us on a daily or weekly basis. The health insurance companies cover 80 to 100% of the costs in most cases for childcare during such times. If you become seriously ill, this can also be dealt with after your recovery.

Emergency care

Emergencies always happen at the most inconvenient times and this throws us into panic. You can also bring us your child in such situations! Just one call to 0172 668 6519 is enough and we'll find an acceptable solution for both your child and you.

It is sometimes advantageous for some of our services if your child has been here before and we have got to know each other. It should know where it is going and what to expect. It should already know the environment, the house and the people in it. Separation from a parent can be difficult for the child at some ages. However, it makes the situation simpler for the child and for the exceptional situation if it already knows us. Obviously, sudden emergencies cannot benefit from this.