Prices and Fees for the Fuchsbau Childcare Center

Flexible care on an hourly basis Hourly rate
For flexible care Mon - Fri
up to 20 hours per week
€6.00 /hour   
For flexible care Mon - Fri
over 20 hours per week
€5.00 /hour  
plus meal costs for each care day incl. three meals €3.50 /day  
Additional services Hourly rate
After-school childcare Mon - Fri €7.00 /hour  
Afternoons Mon - Fri from
16:00 to 19:00
€6.00 /hour  
including a snack and drinks    
Emergency care €10.00 /hour  
for longer periods than 1 day by agreement

see 'Flexible care' above


Overnight from 18:00 to 9:00
only children older than 13 months, including evening meal and breakfast    

Saturday and Sunday tariff / public holidays
€8.00 /hour  

Evening care / babysitting
€7.00 /hour  
No value-added tax is applicable to childcare fees. The costs for care of your own child or those of employees can be offset against tax. Answers to any questions you may have about this can be obtained from your tax advisor.