Fuchsbau Daycare Center Homepage

 "Fuchsbau" Childcare Center
in Wiesbaden Biebrich

The "Fuchsbau" (Fox's Den) has been open since Easter 2008. Here you will find flexible daycare for children provided by two qualified nannies. We provide hourly or daily childcare and babysitting during the week - and also at weekends - for children from 13 months to 13 years old. We have a children-friendly environment and a caring, family atmosphere.

We know from our own experience that it is difficult to combine family and work, and for that reason we are flexible and adaptable to your needs with regard to the care times. Speak to us about the care times that you really need!

You will find the Fuchsbau in the courtyard at

   Didierstrasse 7 / rear building

   65203 Wiesbaden / Biebrich

   Near Äppelallee / along Strasse der Republik / turn into Diltheystrasse / past the church / round the corner on the right.

   Nearest bus stop is 'Herzogsplatz' about 150 yards away

   or call us on 0611 5327749 or 0172 6686519.

Making an appointment would be good, but is not essential.

Come along and look around.